Royce Reed prides himself on quality art. He cuts the creation from wood, hand paints the tiles, and covers in a beautiful, protective resin to provide one of a kind pieces for your eyes pleasure.


His art is the perfect pairing for the South Florida lifestyle and design. Together we can create something from nothing with custom pieces.

Flannigan's Filled Space

Red Heart Clock

Carnaval Miami - Wall Spread

Green Skull with Bows

Photo Dec 02, 12 13 59 PM

Tuna - Medium

Mahi - Medium

The Morrocan Inspired Courtyard - 2

Pink Skull with Bows

Mahi and Tuna Combination

Flower Power - 1

Carnaval Miami Booth

Royce Reed at Carnaval Miami

Hogfish - Medium

Red Skull Clock



The Morrocan Inspired Courtyard

Tuna - Large


Sailfish with Border

Carnaval Miami - Wall Spread

Tuna - Large

The Kitchen Vine - 2

Tuna - Medium

Blue Skull Clock

Mahi - Medium

Carnaval Miami Booth

Love and Death

Black Heart Clock

Morrocan Inspired Courtyard

Flower Power Kitchen - 2