By the age of seven, Royce's talent as an artist was evident and he attended art magnet schools in Miami. Royce is able to visualize and execute intricate patterns and drawings, from suggestions from his patrons or from his own ideas,  which he then turns into vibrant pieces of mosaic art.  His whimsical pieces are one of a kind, his practical mosaics adorn kitchen counters and backdrops and his intricate larger pieces create magic in the rooms in which they are displayed.

Royce chooses the best quality, most durable materials for the job, taking into consideration location, application, exposure to the elements and budget. His work makes an enduring impression on your guests.

Your joy at owning a Royce Reed Mosaic is Royce’s greatest satisfaction. You will cherish the experience of collaborating with Royce on it’s design and execution. Each time your guests ask you about it, you can relive the experience of bringing your art to life!

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